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Protect the Future of Our Children

PERI BUMI empowers families and schools to reach their full potential by working and learning to save the earth's future for children.

About us

We were founded in Indonesia through education action in 2021. PERI BUMI started from the restlessness of mothers in our community that had previously been formed by AKAR FAMILY, an educational institution that started its journey in 2015 under a childcare and preschool named ROOTS LEARNING CENTER, and Children Healthy Food Catering named HEALTHY ROOTS, then formed a parenting community called PARENTING IS EASY.

Mothers feel threatened by climate change, which is increasingly happening in Indonesia, and feel they must be able to do something but need clarification about where to start. This is where PERI BUMI is present and embraces each of these concerns in an online learning medium, which, in the end, gathers more mothers throughout Indonesia to learn about how to nurture, educate, and try to do the simplest things to get used to mindful behavior in consumption and production, starting from the smallest scope of each person.

The mothers' movement then expands the network to other key actors who are also very influential in children's lives, teachers and elementary school-age children, to play a role in strengthening connections to change fundamental behaviors related to wrong consumption and production habits but have been passed down from generation to generation in Indonesia.

Our strength and vitality lie in being one organization working together in local places and across borders to achieve our global mission: safeguard our children's future.

Thanks to more than 1,000 members and the dedicated efforts of more than 50 experts, 100 local and international practitioners, and communities that helped us. We impact a sustainable lifestyle in Indonesia and will have much more impact on families, neighborhoods, schools, and society.

Mission and Vision


A world in which families and schools learn, grow, connect, and work together as catalysts for positive change and create a mindful and sustainable society to deal with climate change. PERI BUMI empowers families and schools to reach their full potential by working and learning to save the earth's future for children.


Being a movement of cultivating connection through education to break the cycle (turn the behavior into mindful and sustainable consumption and production behavior) and build a connected society to safeguard children's future from the climate crisis. We conducted a workshop series to mitigate the climate crisis through household behavior change. We’re using education to empower mothers, teachers, and children so they can be the changemakers with their projects in their respective areas to find a solution for a specific problem. We created a module using our Roots of Growth curriculum implemented in the workshops, worksheets, and projects.

Our Target Behavior


Theory of change

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Peri Bumi's Framework

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It's a new green learning agenda—a new way of educating and engaging children, teachers, and parents in climate solutions—by strengthening the connection between one to another people and community in a one big society to develop and implement climate action projects in their homes, schools, and communities. This approach to teaching and learning is grounded in 7 years of research and involved on how children learn and helps build mastery of core academic content while also catalyzing climate action.

Peri Bumi Timeline

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